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buy falken tires

    falken tires
  • Falken Tire Corporation is a Japanese manufacturer of automobile tires. Originally created in 1983 as a brand for Ohtsu Tire and Rubber to sell their lineup of performance tires under, Falken became part of Sumitomo Rubber Industries (SRI) when they acquired Ohtsu in 2003.

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I'm 21 and am about to graduate from National Aviation Academy with my Airframe and Powerplant licenses. I've had my Z28 for about 2 years and have a couple nice mods. 17 inch; SS wheels with Falken tires, Optima Yellow Top, K and N CAI, Magnaflow 3 Inch catback, Dyno tuned to 280HP and 320Lb-Ft at the wheels, March underdrive crank pulley, Tremec T-56 with steel forks and carbon fiber synchros, ZOOM clutch, BMR springs, BMR STB, BMR boxed SFC's, Tokico shocks, 1LE swaybar, 1LE intake elbow, racing seats, AutoMeter tach/shift light, Jammin stereo with CDT EuroSports up front powered by an Alpine V12 and an Audiobahn 10 in the back powered by a JL 250/1. It's also got clear marker lights with LED bulbs all the way around. I bought a NOS 350 emblem from a '69 and put it where the old Z28 emblem used to be on the back, next to my chrome Bowtie :) The odometer reads well over 200K miles and is daily driven and occasionaly makes a pass down the 1/4. Best time is a 13.8 with a stock clutch and no drag slicks. Me, my dad and my sister all drove 93 Z28's until my sisters overheated for the second time after I installed new heads and valvetrain and was sold. Me and my dad are still rockin' the 93 6 speed Z28's while my sis rides in a 99 Firebird.

My 2001 Ford Explorer Sport

My 2001 Ford Explorer Sport

The first photo of my own car I've posted on Flickr. This is my '01 Ford Explorer Sport. I bought it brand-new Aug '01 with only 13 miles. I've had it for almost 9 years now & currently has 104,500 miles (4-1-2010).
Throughout my ownership, I have done alot of modifications that include:
- AEM Cold-air intake
- 20"Centerline Tracer wheels ( Billet... NOT CHROME!)
- Falken tires
- Billet grille
- Lowered it 2" (Makes the actual ride quality suffer but it handles so much better, doesn't feel top heavy)
- Painted front bumper
- Kenwood sound system complete with IPOD-to-stereo connector & Sirius Satellite radio (now canceled but still there)
Since I got out of the Military (2008) & went back to college full-time I haven't done anything major to her in almost 3 years but I still take care of her & have only had one major problem in 9 years. Comes to show that if you take care of your car, it'll take care of you!
Don't get me wrong, I think I am ready to move on to another ride, but realistically I know I can't afford a new car for at least another year or 2, so I'm confident that for the time being, my "Xploder" will serve me just fine! Let me know what y'all think

buy falken tires

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