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Car Tire Dollies

car tire dollies

    car tire
  • a tire consisting of a rubber ring around the rim of an automobile wheel

  • An automotive tire which is used exclusively on a passenger car, not a light truck, etc.

  • (Dollie) Physically moving the position of the camera, usually forward and backward, with the aid of a wheeled cart called a "dollie" (or an improvised dollie, such as a wheelchair).

  • Small carts used to temporarily mobilize a stack of bins.

  • An attractive and stylish young woman, usually with connotations of unintelligence

  • A small platform on wheels used for holding heavy objects, typically film or television cameras

  • A child's word for a doll

  • (Dollying) In motion picture terminology, a tracking shot (also known as a dolly shot or trucking shot) is a segment in which the camera is mounted on a wheeled platform that is pushed on rails while the picture is being taken.



Olympus OM10 / Tokina 17mm / ISO200 Kodak Film / Unknown Exposure Length.

Ok god knows how the sky turned out PINK (FTW) I guess thats the beauty of film. Set this up after we had been out on a lil session light - painting along the river on the first night of Lake District camping trip this bank holiday weekend. As we retired back to the tents for a few drinks I left this going for what must be around 30mins maybe more.

Literally the only lighting in this shot is the 2D Maglight used at the begining of the shot to focus, any light from tents around campite etc and the moon peeking over the hull like ridge of Yewbarrow. I would have of course liked to have lit it better but one it was about 2am (and I was tired and a lil tipsy), two I didnt know who's car it was, three I didnt wanna disturb anyone and finally I just had to have a shot so F**K it !!

079/365 B

079/365 B

Went with my dad to Fredericksburg to pick up an old Duster that he's going to part out. It was pretty trashed. Looks like it hadn't been inspected for over a decade and had a sweet bumper sticker that I remember from my life in the 80's in the Tidewater area. Some rail line thing.

Anyway, it took a long time- the damn thing had a flat tire and thankfully, there was another dude around to help out, a really strong gentleman that was able to make sure we could drag a car dolly up a hill and push the Duster onto it.

car tire dollies

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